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W hat is makeafolio?
A new way to diversify cryptocurrency
MAKEAFOLIO is a cryptocurrency management platform with a difference. By taking the
guesswork out of portfolio management and blockchain investment, we can offer the single most
all-inclusive ecosystem, allowing you to track, manage, compare, and invest with ease and
clarity. Perfect for not only newcomers, but also experienced traders who wish to share their
expertise and management skills via their portfolios in one convenient, innovative, and self-
contained platform.
F lexibility
Whether your preference is proven portfolios from our leaderboards or creating your own from
scratch, we are proud to offer the flexibility that can make your portfolio a successful one. We
allow the user to deposit in various currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.
As the platform expands, we will begin to accept the top 5-10 cryptocurrencies according to
CoinMarketCap (CMC) for deposit and exchange into our own currency, MAF Token, which will be
used to create a user’s portfolio.
Our Goal
We will create an all-inclusive platform that users of all skill levels can pick up and use with ease.
The features we will implement into MAF aim to remove the intimidation factor associated with
purchasing and choosing specific cryptocurrencies. This allows for anyone with no prior history in
cryptocurrency investment to simply sign up and have a portfolio with the maximum chance of
success by following experienced traders on our platform.
The days of people feeling confused, overwhelmed, or scared to enter into the cryptocurrency
space will be a thing of the past. With our interactive tutorials, mentorship programs, easy-to-
create portfolios, and social features, you’ll be a cryptocurrency expert in no time. We will break
down barriers and become the industry standard for all things crypto-related, from creating your
first paper wallet to learning how to buy the bottom and sell the top. You’ll be able to stay up to
date on all ICOs and know if they’re up to par by viewing their MAF rating from the token

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M af - L eaderboards
The above system will be one of the main features of MAF, as it will rank all users
according to their overall portfolio performance, acquired achievements, total portfolio value, and
a few other statistics that we’ll implement to keep the ranking system accurate. MAF
leaderboards will give users the ability to copy the portfolio of their choice and directly apply it to
their own, all with the click of a button. We understand and value the importance of keeping our
users’ information private and secure. With this in mind, all users will have the ability to keep
their details exclusive, so that they do not appear on the leaderboards. There will be no
connections between your MAF Social and the MAF Leaderboards unless you’ve approved it.
Furthermore, we will provide the ability for users to select what information they would like to
keep private, such as personal names and overall portfolio ROI, alongside the ability to
completely hide your portfolio altogether.

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M af - Create
The idea here is extremely simple: you will be able to deposit an amount of Bitcoin,
Litecoin, or Ethereum, and it will be converted into MAF tokens. After that, you will be able to
make your token selections and input your desired diversification ratios, with input fields that
allow for the movement of tokens to a preferred wallet. Once all of the selections have been
made, simply press “MAKEAFOLIO” and the system will then convert MAF tokens into the desired
portfolio with the correct percentages. In order to use this tool, you will need to allocate a small
percentage of MAF to your portfolio (at least 1%). MAKEAFOLIO will grant special access to new
features within the platform to users that acquire more MAF tokens. MAF CREATE is the soul of
the platform, allowing users the ability to create a portfolio from scratch or to copy and/or adjust
a portfolio from the leaderboards. Overall, this process will make it extremely simple to create a
diversified, well-performing, and proven crypto portfolio.

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M af - Track
MAF Track allows the user to quickly check the health and performance of their portfolio.
This service will include a live chart of a user’s overall performance, the token name, amount,
personalized entry point, current price, total token worth, and past 24-hour performance.
This feature is incredibly important to MAF, as it will provide the user with vital information
about their portfolio and allow for the ultimate experience in cryptocurrency management. We
strive to make the move into crypto as smooth as possible and believe this is a step in the right
direction, to ensure all users have a positive experience.

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M af - P ay
MAFPAY is a system for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin users to transfer their funds
without risk of losing them. The most intimidating part of cryptocurrency is moving around funds.
MAFPAY will eliminate this problem by allowing a user to deposit an amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum,
or Litecoin into the MAKEAFOLIO wallet. After depositing funds, the user will enter the destination
they would like to send their tokens. In order to release these funds from the MAKEAFOLIO
wallet, they will need to verify the receiving wallet by sending a small amount of Bitcoin,
Ethereum, or Litecoin. Once the transaction is verified, the first initial transaction will be released
to the wallet. This eliminates all the guesswork from large transactions. The fees for this are paid
with the verification amount by purchasing MAF with those tokens received.

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M af - D irectory
The MAF dedicated directory is where you will find relevant information to all
cryptocurrency tokens and coins. A user will be able to review statistics such as total market cap,
total circulating supply, total supply, current volume, listed exchanges, the token’s website/social
media/chat rooms, charts, etc. Cryptocurrency companies that are still within the ICO stages may
submit their information to MAF and be reviewed by our support team. These ratings will provide
the community with a unique outlook on the token/coin.

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M af - Social
MAF Social is the heartbeat of the MAKEAFOLIO ecosystem. This will be a platform that
people can use to post statuses about their favorite tokens, show technical analysis of different
cryptocurrency charts, post polls for the community to vote on, or simply post their favorite
Each user will have their own profile page, which can be styled to their custom designs.
This will include uploading images, moving around statistics about their portfolio, text styling,
colour styling, and much more. We feel that customization is what sets apart each user and we
applaud artistic uniqueness.

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M af - M entor P rogram

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M af - P upils
When the user first signs up for MAKEAFOLIO, they’ll be presented with the option to
choose their experience level. There will be 4 levels that they may choose from (Novice,
Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert). If the user selects “Novice” or “Intermediate,”
MAKEAFOLIO will automatically present them with the option of joining the MAF Mentor Program.
Within the MAF Mentor Program will be guides and tutorials on how to do simple tasks within the
cryptocurrency space, including how to create a safe off line paper wallet, the dos and don'ts of
cryptocurrency, how to stay safe, how to move your tokens, how to do technical analysis on
charts, general crypto terms, how to spot a good ICO, and many other helpful topics. If a user
selects the novice level, they will get the option to have a free mentor within our MAF mentor
program, providing the basic knowledge of how the blockchain works. These tutorials will be
interactive, and once complete, will earn the user achievement points for doing so.
M af - M entors
There will be four levels of mentors in the MAF Mentor Program. These mentors will be
ranked on their completed achievements, overall ROI, and a few hidden factors. Mentors will be
carefully selected, reviewed, and approved by MAF Staff. This may include a general knowledge
test among a few other factors.
The incentives for becoming a MAF Mentor include the ability to earn MAF by passing your
crypto knowledge onto new users on the platform and, depending on your account level, you will
have the opportunity to earn more MAF from your mentorship. For example, a user with a small
number of achievement points will not be able to be an officially endorsed MAF mentor but may
be able to participate in the program while accumulating more achievement points to reach the
intermediate level. Once the user has reached the intermediate level, then they will be able to
begin offering official mentorships through MAF token. Being a mentor will require the ability to
answer crypto-related questions, have one-on-one conversations, or simply be available for users
to interact with and learn from. The highest level of mentor that a user can become on the MAF
platform is an “Expert Mentor”; the requirements for this will be set very high, as it is a title only
a few will ever reach. These expert mentors are the best of the best in the crypto-world. They will
have high-performing portfolios, be interactive within the community, and want to see others
succeed alongside themselves. These users will require the highest fee within the MAF Mentor
program, as they wil have been field tested and be well-versed in all things crypto.

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M af - Token
MAKEAFOLIO Token is the only currency accepted within the MAKEAFOLIO platform. There
will be a total supply of 100,000,000 MAF.

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P re-I co
5% (5,000,000 MAF) will go on sale during our PRE-ICO phase to raise funds for strategic
marketing and to begin development of our entire platform.
M ain-I co
55% (55,000,000 MAF) will be available for purchase during our Main ICO sale. There will be a
20% allocation for our team members that will be locked for exactly one year after our ICO
R eserve
10% (10,000,000 MAF) will be designated to our reserves. This will enable us to stay liquid,
provide upcoming exchanges with MAF tokens to begin trading, and be used as a prize fund for
the users of MAF.
B ounty
7.5% (7,500,000 MAF) will be used for our bounty programs, which will include the following:
Telegram incentives for joining our channel.
Social media posts
Bitcointalk signature campaign
Friend referrals for signup
Purchase referrals (if you refer someone and they purchase MAF during pre-ICO or ICO,
you will get a percentage of the tokens)
A dvisors
2.5% (2,500,000 MAF) will be designated to our advisors. These advisors will be providing us with
help along the way during our pre-ICO/ICO phases, lending their suggestions and tips, etc.
 Although most ICOs will simply burn the remaining tokens, we have decided to distribute the remaining unsold tokens to ICO participants according to their purchase percentage. If you purchase 1% of the total supply of MAF tokens during pre-ico/ico, then you will receive 1% of the unsold MAF tokens after we complete our ico rounds. Image_97_0

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Gtm Strategy
Social M edia
Facebook - As this is one of the largest social media platforms available today, we will be using
targeted facebook ad campaign to reach cryptocurrency advocates. Social media advertising is
one of the best ways for a business to get out there, as it allows you to reach a huge amount of
people in a short period of time.
Just like Facebook, a Twitter ad campaign will also be built. We currently have a Twitter account
with 51k followers, so this will help us get off the ground, but a paid solution is also an option we
can add to this.
On top of these platforms, we will be reaching out to crypto YouTubers who have influence, as
they will be able to not only talk about us in detail but broadcast their words to thousands of
viewers. This will also most likely have to be sponsored content, as it’s unlikely they will do this
for free; however, this is something we can discuss at a later date.
W ord of mouth
Our word of mouth will simply come from referral bonuses and airdrops. We will reserve
7,500,000 MAF for the bounty program and burn the leftover tokens to ultimately reduce the total
supply. Word of mouth works a lot faster in crypto than typical businesses, as people want to
make money, and if something sounds valuable (alongside getting free stuff from airdrops/ref
bonuses), then that only helps.
P ress R eleases
To achieve the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) possible, we will distribute our articles
across top-tier news sites to build backlinks for relevant topics, as well as putting our website link
anywhere of relevance.